Whether you are a guest on The Schofield Stories or a listener, you are part of the family. As without your support I wouldn't be able to do what I do. So, this is where I can say thank you to everyone involved in The Schofield Stories Podcast.



Ramesh - Guest

Callum is an inspiration! It was great to get to know Callum, he kindly invited me to appear on his podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I have been inspired by the work that Callum has done to work harder on my own journey. 

Rhys - Fan

A great listen by a talented and enthusiastic person. As a friend, I'm proud of what he has achieved and would highly recommend everyone takes the time to listen.


Bernie & Margret - Fans

We still don't really know what a podcast is, but we have learnt how to listen and have enjoyed hearing all the different stories.


Becky - Fan

Such an interesting and enjoyable listen! Would highly recommend these podcasts to anyone. Callum is doing a fantasitic job and I'm looking forward to seeing what else is to come!

Pedro - Podcaster 

This is the power of podcasting! Be the voice for the voiceless. This podcast is truly inspirational and the host, Callum Schofield, is an amazing person who's stories, challenges, and victories are a beacon for those who think they're alone 

Ella - Fan

Callum and his podcasts are great because it's nice to see someone speaking up and making a difference no matter how big or small. I love listening to people with different experiences. And am very proud of all Callum's achievements

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