Coming soon: University Special

This year I'm starting University, having taken a gap year to sort myself out I know I'm ready for uni. This got me thinking as 12 months ago, my speech/head would have been nowhere near prepared or in the right state for university. Even though this gap year was nowhere near how I planned nor imagined it, on personal development terms, it's been better than I could have ever expected.

Without having this year working on my speech and mindset, from the beginning with Starfish, to starting this podcast, and now working with Stop Holding Back; I am in the best possible hands ready for uni. But not everyone is that lucky.

So on Sunday September 20th instead of a normal new episode, The Schofield Stories University Special will be released, where I share insights and advice about starting university with a stutter. As well advice from me, fan favorites and Stop Holding Back co-founders CJ and Ayo will also be on the episode sharing their experiences and looking back on the highs and lows of university.

This episode is going to be something different and hopefully of great value to everyone, especially those with a stutter.

20/09/2020- The Schofield Stories: University Special

Coming Soon...

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