This page is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health, specifically within men

Mental Health Problems

1/8 Men will suffer from some form of mental health issue. Yet are reluctant to ask for help

Men are more likely to commit suicide than women

In the UK, men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women. In Ireland men are four times more likely.

Men and alcoholism

1/5 men will develop an alcohol dependence and are two times more likely to resort to alcohol

Are men really less likely to ask for help?

3/4 of men said they wouldn't be able to say openly they have mental health problems to a friend.

'Talking Therapy'

Men only make up 38% of the NHS 'Talking Therapy' support. Yet the male suicide rate is higher.

Do men struggle?

2/3 men in the UK said they have felt overwhelmed and unable to cope due to stress

There is professional support out there for whatever you need. Below are links to 5 charities/organisations that provide mental health support. Mind is one of the leading UK charities for mental health; if you are feeling suicidal, call the Samaritans; for bereavement StrongMen charity offers support; for veterans suffering Veterans Charity is active providing support; and also there is NHS support which can include counselling and other therapies. All links to these are below so do not hesitate making yourself familiar with as many as you see fit.