The Schofield Stories is here to break down the stigma surrounding mental health. There is no denying the fact people are reluctant to talk or ask for help, and therefore suffer alone. The suicide statistics in the UK back this up. We need to make change and lift this burden which stops people asking for help. The Schofield Stories is a platform for guests to come and share their stories, whether this be personal, career, hardship, whatever; just to show there is light at the end of the tunnel. And it's okay to ask for help, as you are not alone.

The more we speak openly and confidentially about mental health, the closer we become to beating it. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcohol/drugs misuse, eating disorders, bipolar, personality disorders, OCD, and psychosis are just some of the problems that come under 'Mental Health.' Anyone can suffer from these, but for some reason there is still a stigma around it, especially for men not being 'man enough.'

There has been an increase of celebrities and big names speaking openly about mental health. Tyson Fury is the dictionary definition of alpha-male; yet he opened up about his struggles battling mental health. Stormzy has also spoke about depression. Former SAS soldiers such as 'Ollie' and 'Foxy' talk about mental health in great detail in their books. These are massive steps in the right direction, but it's still not talked about enough.

The reason why I have decided to target mental health and speaking out for this podcast, is because in the past I have had my own battles with mental health. So have a lot of people close to me. Only by reflecting on myself, friends, loved ones... I noticed a common theme. We were all holding back from asking for help. But, when we did speak up about our suffering, it felt so much better. Nobody thought any less of each other and it's amazing how the power of talking is so overlooked. This is why I have created a platform for everyone to not only share their success stories, but to talk openly about battles with mental health.

The Schofield Stories Podcast began as an interview-based podcast where inspiring guests come on and share their stories. This included: Actors, Comedians, Motivational Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Rape Survivors, Speech Coaches, TV Faces, and much more... Try finding a more diverse guest list, it'll be a challenge. No two episodes are the same, and never will be. 

If you've ever watched John Bishop: In Conversation, or any Ross Kemp or Stacey Dooley interview, that's where my inspiration comes from.  Plans and structures help, but none of my podcasts have ever stuck to the plan. The best interviews are the ones which don't feel like and interview. The authenticity of The Schofield Stories is something that can't be edited in or out afterwards.  

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